The smqueue Main and Recurring Queues allow for bulk uploads saving you time.

To use the Bulk Upload feature, you need to use a Plain Text file.

The location of the program that you use on a Mac is:
Path to pre-installed program on a Mac with Intel processor: HD -> Applications -> TextEdit
Steps to create a plain text file:
1. Create new file; Go to "Format" and select "Make Plain Text" (the Mac Default is Rich Text which cannot be used).

2. Add your posts. At the end of each line of content (ie, post) added, you need to hit the Enter/Return Key to insert a 'hard return' in order for them to load separately into your queue.

3. If you have your Tweets, Facebook posts etc in another file, copy and paste into this file.

4. Do not convert a Rich Text file to Plain Text as it holds the Rich Text format and creates problems with your content.

5. Go to File -> Save As and save with Plain Text Encoding setting: Unicode (UTF-8). 

Here a link to a YouTube Clip that shows you step by step on how to create a Plain Text file on a Mac: