This is where you can set your RSS import time(s). Set each connected social media profile import time individually (Set Globally OFF) or set them all to import at the same time (Set Globally ON). Your Main Queue will import the number of Feeds you have selected at the time set on this page.

Note: This is an IMPORT TIME SETTING ONLY. It is the time smqueue checks your connected RSS Feeds and imports posts to your Main Queue. It will not effect the time your Main Queue sends out posts. Time Slots define when posts from your RSS Feeds are sent.


There are three (3) important modules for management of RSS Settings.

1) Connected SM (Social Media) Profile List

When "Set Globally" is turned ON, this module will lock and watermark. When "Set Globally" is turned OFF, this module is used to select which SM Profile to manage. See example below.


2) "Set Globally" ON/OFF Setting

When set to ON, you are in control of all your connected SM Profiles. When set to OFF, you control the setting for individual connected SM Profiles. Module 2 is linked to module 3.


3) Time Setting

Set your daily RSS Feeds import time, either individually or globally.

Turn OFF "Set Globally" if you want to use different Time Settings on individual SM Profiles.


1. Hit on the "OFF" option

2. Allow the page to re-load

3. Hit on the connected SM Profile you wish to manage

4. Allow the page to re-load

5. Your selected SM Profile will be re-iterated above the setting options - ie, "RSS Added to Main Queue Daily: <SM Profile Name>"


When "Set Globally" is Turned OFF:


Setting the import time is easy. Hit on the hour field, scroll to desired setting, and hit desired setting. Do the same for am/pm and then hit SAVE.

If you're setting import times for individual social profiles, click on the profile you wish to manage, set the time & save. If you're planning on using RSS Feeds to import posts to your Main Queue, you must set your import times and SAVE.