Are your queues still sending posts to twitter but your twitter Messaging Queue is not displaying messages? 

This is generally due to an old token (ie, the link between your twitter profile and your smqueue account). In this instance you will need to revoke access and re-authorize your social media profile, which will enable new permissions. 


The following steps will guide you through the process required to fix the problem in your twitter Messaging Queue.


1. Go to twitter and sign in to the social profile experiencing messaging problems, and go to "Settings".


2. Hit on the "Apps" option.

3. Locate the smqueue application (you will see that permissions is read & write only) and hit on the "Revoke access" button.

4. Upon hitting Revoke access, you will see an "Undo Revoke Access" option. DO NOT click on this. Rather, go back to smqueue and sign in to your smqueue account using either email sign in or social sign in.

5. Once you are back in your smqueue account, you MUST RE-AUTHORIZE the twitter profile you just revoked access to.

6. After you have re-authorized your social media profile, check the token on twitter. This should now show that permissions cover read, write, and direct messages.

7. Check your smqueue Messaging Queue. You should now see messages - unless of course you are new to twitter and have no correspondence. ;-)

If you are still having problems after completing the above, please leave us a support ticket and we'll investigate your problem and advise on required action asap.