Daily imported posts from RSS Feeds are added to the END of your Main QueueWe will be working on providing the option to update this setting to "Add to Top" and will announce when this becomes available. 

RSS Feeds Post Import Order

The order RSS Feed posts come into your Main Queue is based on the order of the list in your "RSS Feed" module.

The following illustrates how multiple feeds are imported to your Main Queue.

When there are two (or more) posts being imported from one RSS Feed, these will be listed together; and when a RSS Feed is "paused" smqueue will not import post/s from that Feed URL. 


  • Once the RSS Feed posts have imported, you can re-order posts, edit posts or delete posts from your Main Queue. 
  • The "import" algorithm checks the RSS Feed, and if the same post is there (which has previously been imported), it will not import again. This prevents duplicate post imports during times a website may not be publishing new content (ie, weekends).