After initial sign up with smqueue, we encourage members to check and update (if necessary) account "Access & Password" Settings.


There are four (4) important modules for managing your smqueue Access & Password Settings.

1) Account Picture

Your Account Picture is your "virtual face or picture". It is linked to other areas of smqueue such as the Team Members page. If you're a visual type of person, you may wish to upload an account picture and ask your Team Members to do the same.

2) Access & Password

There are two parts to Access & Password. 

At the top you have the ability to change your smqueue account password. We suggest that if you've arrived at smqueue via a Team Member invite, then update the auto-generated password to something easier for you to remember.

Under this is the Social Sign In setting. Share access to a social network with someone else? Protect your smqueue account and update this default - switch Social Sign In OFF and they won't be able to sign in to your smqueue account.

3) Sessions

"Sessions" is a list of devices that have used your smqueue account within the past 2 weeks. If there are any sessions you do not recognize, use "Revoke" and log them out.

4) Terms & Conditions of Use

If you have already accepted smqueue's "Terms & Conditions of Use", this will be checked and locked.

Signing in for the first time via a Team Member invite and Team Member User Type sign in? You will need to accept smqueue's Terms & Conditions of Use.