When you sign up to smqueue you are taken through the sign up steps which includes connecting at least one SM Profile. You would have also had the opportunity to "connect more". 

Skip this option or have a new SM Profile to connect? The following is a guide to how to connect more SM Profiles.

The maximum number of Social Profiles you can connect to your smqueue account is dependent on your smqueue membership:

Our "Member" Plan offers: 15 Mixed Social Media Profiles. 

Our "Enterprise" Plan offers: 100+ Mixed Social Media Profiles.
For more information, go to: Our Plans.


1. Load the "Connect More" interface from either going to the "Settings" tab and hitting on "Accounts"; or by hitting on the "Connect Another Social Profile" button located on the Dashboard.

2. On the right hand side you'll find the "Connect More" module. To connect another SM Profile, hit the button for the type of SM Profile you wish to add. (With twitter, sign in to the twitter account you want to connect to first.)

TIP: When adding multiple twitter accounts, have two browser tabs open - one for smqueue and one for twitter. After you connect a twitter account to smqueue, refresh your twitter tab and sign out off twitter. Sign in to your next twitter account before connecting your next profile to smqueue.

3. Follow the social media authorization prompts (different for each social media platform - see below)

TIP: Once you've connected all your SM Profiles from the various platforms, you will have the ability to sign in to your smqueue account using any of the social media sign in buttons. This is called "Social Sign In". If you share access to a social network with someone else then make sure to switch this off so that they can't sign in to your smqueue account. You will locate this setting under "My Account" -> "Access & Password".

Warning: If you already have a smqueue account with for example, a Twitter connection, and you use the Facebook sign in BEFORE you connect using the above guidelines, then you essentially start the sign up process again and create a new smqueue account.