When you first sign up with smqueue, you will be taken through a series of sign up steps. 

The following is an overview of these steps.

Step 1 of 4

After you fill out your details on the "Create New Account" page you will be directed to Step 1 of 4 where you will be asked to connect at least one Social Media Profile and accept the Terms & Conditions. 

Click on the relevant social platform to connect smqueue to your SM Profile.

If you used the social sign up option, when this page loads you will already have one profile connected.

Step 1 of 4 continued...

Once you have connected a SM Profile, it will show on the refreshed page. Add more, or Accept Terms & Conditions and "Continue".

Step 2 of 4
Set your time mode, time zone, and hit "Continue".

Step 3 of 4

Supply your login details. 

If you have started sign up via "Create New Account" (or otherwise called email sign up), then this page will already be populated with information. Make changes or hit "Continue".

If you have started sign up using social sign up, then you will need to complete these fields and hit "Continue".

Step 4 of 4

Set up payment details to complete your smqueue account. 

Hit on "Finalize your smqueue account" and you'll be directed to PayPal payments.

PayPal Payments window
Connect to your account and authorise automatic payments.

Payment Confirmation Page

Check payment details and hit "Confirm your order" to complete sign up.

Order Complete Page

When sign up is successful, an "order complete" page will load. From here you can go to your Settings and set Link Shortening, etc, or go to the Dashboard and start enjoying the power of the queues!

Confirm your email address
You will be sent an email with a link - click this link to confirm your email address.

A notification will remain on your Dashboard (as a reminder) until you confirm.