This is where you can control and update your email setting and email reminders. You can also subscribe to the smqueue blog to stay updated on all news and upgrades.

There are four (4) important modules for management of Email Settings.

1) Connected SM (Social Media) Profile List

Email Settings are, by default, global settings. Updating email settings will affect all your connected SM Profiles. As such, this module does not affect any of the other modules on the page. Rather, you only use this module to: Re-order your SM Profile list and set a new SM Profile DefaultPause Connected SM ProfilesDelete Connected SM Profiles; and Re-authorize Connected SM Profiles.


2) Email Address Connected to Your smqueue Account

This is the email you used when you signed up to smqueue. In the case of sign up through social media platforms, this is the email address you supplied as confirmation. You can use this email to sign in to smqueue. If you wish to update your email, simply enter a new email address and hit save. This email address is also the address smqueue will send your reminders.


3) Email Reminders

smqueue offer a great range of email reminders to help you stay in touch with your account activity and status of queues. We can remind you when one of your queues are looking a little empty and keep you up to date with new smqueue tips and features. Check those reminders which you wish to receive and hit save to finalize the settings update. To stop receiving email reminders, make sure all reminders are un-checked and hit save.


4) smqueue Blog Subscription

Subscribe to our blog for regular articles on productivity, ideas, writing, customer feedback and business tips. If you have already subscribed, this module will provide the option to Unsubscribe.