The smqueue Link Shortening Settings provides a general connection which works just like using without an account.

smqueue also offers the option to connect your account. The steps below show you how to connect your account. 


1. Once you have decided on setting your SM Profiles individually or globally, hit the "Connect" button.

2. If you are not signed into your account, you will be re-directed to a sign in page. Sign in using your preferred method.

3. After you sign in to, you will be directed to "Allow smqueue to access your account". 
Hit on "Allow" to finalize the connection. 

Decide you don't want to connect your accounts?
Simply hit the "Deny" button.

4. After you allow smqueue access, your Link Shortening Setting will automatically update. Your settings will now display "" as the selected link shortener and you'll have the ability to disconnect the connection.

Want to disconnect your account?

Hit "Disconnect" and smqueue will sever the connection. 

Note: When you disconnect your account, the default will re-set and "" will be selected.