Once you have signed into smqueue, a top navigation will load which provides access to all of your Settings.

There are five (6) pages of Settings which enable you to take control of your Dashboard.

1. Accounts

This Settings page is where you can Connect More SM Profiles; turn on/off the blue "About" and orange "Help" notifications; and change your Default Tab Setting (ie, the tab which loads when you hit on "Dashboard"). smqueue also has plans for a "Humanization" release which will affect how time slots are handled by using an algorithm which will send posts at intervals +/- to those assigned.

2. RSS Settings

This Settings page is where you can control the time of day to import posts (to your Main Queue) from your connected RSS Feeds. Your Main Queue will import the number of Feeds you have selected at the time set on this page.

3. Email Settings

This Settings page is where you can control email reminders. Have smqueue alert you when one of your queues becomes empty, when your Recurring Queue re-sets, and much more. This page is also where you can change your email address and subscribe to the smqueue blog.

4. Link Shortening

Are your links too long? This Settings page is where you can choose one of our link shorteners or connect your own bit.ly account. Turn Link Shortening on and smqueue will make sure that your links are shortened when you post.

5. Team Members

This Settings page is where you can invite other people (co-workers and friends) to help you manage your smqueue account or view (with restrictions) your connected SM Profiles. Allow access to your: Mentions, "Sharing" Queues (Scheduled, Main, and Recurring Queues), Messaging and Analytics. With a helping hand, you can keep queues full and flowing at all times!

6. Time Settings

This Settings page is where you can control and set all the times for your connected SM Profiles. Set how your time increments appear as well if you want a 12 or 24 hour time clock and time zone. 

TIP: Use the smqueue "Set Globally" option to control & update Settings across all connected SM Profiles. Available on RSS Settings, Link Shortening and Time Settings.

Note: Each "Settings" page re-iterates your connected SM Profiles (left hand side module). Re-order your SM Profile list and set a new SM Profile Default; Pause Connected SM ProfilesDelete Connected SM Profiles; and Re-authorize Connected SM Profiles.