There are three (3) important modules for managing your smqueue Messaging Queue.

1) Connected SM (Social Media) Profile List

Hit on the SM Profile that you'd like to manage. This will load all the Messaging Queue information for that SM Profile. Your SM Profile Default (what loads on visiting the Dashboard) is the SM Profile at the top of this list. See the topic: How to Change your SM Profile Default (and Re-Order) for more information.


2) Your Inbox

This module will list Messages receivedUse the various actions to Reply, Delete, Block User, Mark as Read/Unread and Email Conversation. We also offer two unique, fast ways to delete multiple messages - delete selected multiple messages or delete all messages received in one action. Compose a new message using the "New Message" button.


3) Your Outbox

This module will list Messages sent. Use the actions to Reply, Delete, or Block User. As per the Inbox, there are two unique ways to delete multiple messages. A fast and terrific way to clean up or clean out your Outbox.