Have a post which failed to send?

Have a post that is super popular?

It's easy to re-share posts using your Analytics Queue. Send to single or multiple SM Profiles and queues in one action.


1. Hover over the post you'd like to re-share. When you hover, the action icons will appear.

Hovering over the action icons will trigger a pop-up title which states what the action is.

2. HIT the "Send to Queue" action icon.

3. The post you've selected to re-share will load into the Compose box.

The Compose box settings will be based upon the settings of the previous share. It will select the account and queue set previously (ie, if sent from your Main Queue, it will load with that option checked).

You can edit any of the settings and content in the Compose box before you re-share.

Send to one or more alternate social media profiles; change the post to include a new hash tag; remove or update the full size photo; and send to one or more alternate queues.

Once you have the post ready, hit the "Add Post" button to complete the re-share.