There are two (2) important modules for managing your smqueue Analytics Queue.

1) Connected SM (Social Media) Profile List

Hit on the SM Profile which you'd like to manage. This will load all the analytics for that SM Profile. Your SM Profile Default (what loads on visiting the Dashboard) is the SM Profile at the top of this list. See the topic: How to Change your SM Profile Default (and Re-Order) for more information.

2) Post Analytics

This module will list all of your posts sent using smqueue. Basic statistics are below each post. If there was a problem sending the post, the error post is highlighted in red and will not display any statistics. You can delete individual postsre-share posts (using the "Send to Queue" action), and send a post to an email address.

3) Planned "Future Release" for Analytics

We will constantly strive to expand and improve smqueue and our "Future Release" items are included to provide members with an idea of where these developments are planned. Improved analytics is one of the many developments we have on the agenda. Have a suggestion? Tell us all about it by adding a Feature Request.