When you "Add Post" to your Main Queue, the new post will be added to the end of your Main Queue list. You can view this by scrolling to the bottom of your list of posts or in the case of a large list, view the "Last" page.

Want to change the order of your Main Queue posts?

Follow the steps below to move an individual Main Queue post.

1. Hover over the post you'd like to move. When you hover, the action icons will appear.

Hovering over the action icons will trigger a pop-up title which states what the action is.

2. HIT the "Move" action icon and HOLD.

3. The post you've selected to move will now float and follow your movement. "Drag and drop" into the position you'd like to move it toYou can move posts up/down and jump multiple time slots in one action.

4. "Drop" the post to finalize the process. 

The following shows a single time slot move. The tweet which was once set to be sent at 2:06pm (next assigned time slot) will now send at 8:04pm.