Bulk Operations allows for fast upload and download of posts in Plain Text format.

Max upload file size: 

Max file size for bulk uploads is 100kb.

Link Shortening:

Any URL with http:// in front will be shortened during bulk upload. Visit Link Shortening to select and set your preferred shortener.

Max number of posts allowed in Main Queue:

Our "Member" Plan offers: 200 Posts Stored Per Social Media Profile. 

Our "Enterprise" Plan offers: 10K+ Posts Stored Per Social Media Profile.
For more information, go to: Our Plans.


ADD Bulk Posts to Your Main Queue

1. Hit on the "Choose File" option and locate the Plain Text file on your computer or device.

The name of the chosen Plain Text file will appear next to the "Choose File" button.

2. Hit on the "Add Bulk Posts to Queue" button.

3. As the file of posts uploads to your queue, a loading status bar will appear until the upload is complete.


  1. If there are any posts within your text file which exceed the acceptable character count, a notice that "x" amount of posts have not been added due to their length will display. If your twitter bulk upload contains URLs, each URL must be treated as 23 characters.
  2. If you do not have any time slots assigned, you will be prompted to do so before the upload can be completed.

EXPORT Bulk Posts from Your Main Queue

To export your Main Queue, hit on the "Export Main Queue" button. Once you hit this button, a plain text file will automatically download to your computer or device. The location of this download will depend on your preferences.

TIP: Use the bulk operation "Export Main Queue" to save a list of posts you really love and would like to share again. Add this list back as a bulk upload once a week and sit back and let your time slots do the work.