There are five (5) important modules for managing your smqueue Main Queue.

1) Connected SM (Social Media) Profile List

Hit on the SM Profile that you'd like to manage. This will load all the Main Queue post information for that SM Profile. Your SM Profile Default (what loads on visiting the Dashboard) is the SM Profile at the top of this list. See the topic: How to Change your SM Profile Default (and Re-Order) for more information.


2) Main Queue Posts

This module will list your Main Queue posts. You can edit, delete and re-order your Main Queue posts. The post at the top will be the next to be sent and will send at the next assigned time slot. New posts are added to the end of your Main Queue.

3) RSS Feeds

This is where you can add RSS Feeds. Set how many items (posts) per day to share and use your "Account RSS Settings" to define what time of the day to import your items (posts). See the topic: Main Queue RSS Feeds for more information.


4) Bulk Operations

Add bulk posts to your Main Queue by choosing a Plain Text file on your computer or device. 

Export your Main Queue posts as a Plain Text file by using the "Export" option. Perfect for backing-up a list of posts you love and want to share again. See the topic: Main Queue Bulk Operations for more information.

5) Time Slots

Set the time slots you would like posts in your Main Queue sent. The times you set here only apply to the posts in the Main Queue and do not affect any other queues. It's wise to set times which do not conflict with your Recurring Queue time slots. See the topic: Main Queue Time Slots for more information.