Posts added to your Main Queue are queued to send in the next available Main Queue time slot. Perfect for those times where you see a heap of great things to post. Add RSS feeds and set how many posts you'd like to share per day from each feed. Great for saving time and supporting your favorite websites.

Each post in this queue is posted a single time and then removed from the queue.

There is also a maximum number of posts per Main Queue, which is dependent on your smqueue membership. 
See: Our Plans for more information.

The Main Queue time slots have priority over the Recurring Queue time slots. When time intervals are too close, the Main Queue post will be sent and the Recurring Queue post will not be sent. Posts which fail to send will show up as "errors" in your Analytics.

TIP: Use the bulk operation Export Main Queue to save a list of posts you really love and would like to share again. Add this list back as a bulk upload once a week and sit back and let your time slots do the work.

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