The smqueue Recurring Queue "Status" filter is a very useful tool for reviewing & viewing what posts have been sent, what posts are yet to be sent, and what posts have a set expiry date.

Filter Default: The filter default will be set to show "ALL" recurring posts in your queue.

Filter Options:

ALL - shows all your posts in your Recurring Queue

Active - posts yet to be sent during the current cycle*

Used - posts already sent during the current cycle

With Expiry Date - recurring posts which have an end date

Without Expiry Date - recurring posts which have no end date

* Current Cycle - A sent (or used) post will not be re-sent until all posts in your recurring queue have been used/sent. Once all recurring posts have been used, all will be re-marked as "active" and the cycle will start again.


Hit on the filter to display filter options and scroll up/down. Hovering will highlight the filter option. Hit the desired option to filter your Recurring Queue posts.

As soon as you hit on a filter option, smqueue will search through your list of recurring posts and automatically display only those posts which relate to the filter. 

The following image shows the results for a "With Expiry Date" filter.

TIP: Use the Recurring Queue with expiry date option for seasonal posts. As an example, you might want to add Christmas themed posts that get removed on the 26 December.