Add a new recurring post and you're not happy with it? 

Discover that an @mention in your post needs updating?

Want to try out a new hash-tag?

No problem, it's easy to edit individual Recurring Queue posts.


1. Hover over the recurring post you'd like to edit. When you hover, the action icons will appear.

Hovering over the action icons will trigger a pop-up title which states what the action is.

2. HIT the "Edit" action icon.

3. The post you've selected to edit will load into the Compose box.

This will show you: a) which social profile the post is being sent to; b) your share (which you can now edit)c) the full size photo attached (if any) to the post (which you can now delete/add/replace if so desired); and d) that the post is a recurring post (which you can now edit; ie, add an expiry date).

4. Hit "ADD POST" to finalize the process.