The Recurring Queue is used for posts which you're more than happy to share more than once, at any given time, to your social media profiles. You could think of it as a list of favorites. Add quotes, full size photos, posts/links to your own website, and posts/links to your favorite online content.

Posts in the Recurring Queue will not be removed unless you define an expiry date or manually delete it. smqueue will randomly select one post from your Recurring Queue, send it, and then mark it as inactive. It will remain inactive until all posts in your Recurring Queue have been sent and then all posts in your Recurring Queue will become active to send again. 

You must have a minimum of 50 posts in the queue before it will become active.

There is also a maximum number of posts per Recurring Queue, which is dependent on your smqueue membership.
See: Our Plans for more information.

When you add a new post to your Recurring Queue, this is sent to the top of your list - making it instantly visible for easy & fast editing.

TIP: If you manage a website or blog which is constantly growing in content, set expiry dates on all "news" posts or posts which are likely to date, and only leave your most popular posts (with longevity) as open-ended. This will help you stay under your maximum number of posts per Recurring Queue.

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