The smqueue Scheduled Queue Posting Calendar is a very useful tool for reviewing what posts are ready to send, and where your scheduled posts sit on the calendar in relation to your other queues and time slots.


  • The current calendar day will display as light blue.
  • Upcoming days with posts ready for sharing will display as dark blue.
  • Upcoming days with no posts will display as white.


Hit on the day you'd like to review/evaluate and a pop-up window will load.

You can now see where your Scheduled Queue posts (in green) sit in relation to your other queues (black for your Main Queue posts and purple for Recurring Queue posts).

Recurring Queue posts will display as "times only". This is because your Recurring Queue is random and the exact content is undefined. Main Queue and Scheduled Queue posts will display with time and post extract (ie, the beginning of your post).

Not happy with how close the scheduled post you just added is to another queue's time slot? 

Or wish to utilise an empty slot in the day's line-up?

Make a mental note of what you'd like to change the scheduled post time to, close the Posting Calendar, and then edit your scheduled post. Once the edit has been applied, check out your posting calendar again and see the update.

Calendar Default Increments

The "Calendar Default Increments" setting controls how your pop-up calendar will look (the above image is set to 60min increments). If you post a lot of shares you might want to set this to 15 minutes, and if you don't post a lot then the 120min setting will be best for you.

Note: This default can be over-written at anytime while viewing the pop-up calendar - providing you with great viewing flexibility when viewing & reviewing your upcoming posts.

Syncing with your other queues

It's wise to schedule times which do not conflict with your Main Queue and Recurring Queue time slots. If your intervals are too close, one or more posts will not be sent.

When intervals are too close, we process posts with the following priority:

1. Scheduled Queue    2. Main Queue    3. Recurring Queue

As example, if you have a 10:59 Scheduled Queue post; a 11:00 Main Queue time slot; and a 11:05 Recurring Queue time slot, then ONLY the Scheduled Queue post will be sent.

Interval between times

Try to follow the guidelines below when working out your line-up for the day. If you do end up with a time conflict, the post which does not send will display with an error in your Analytics.

For Twitter: minimum of 5 - 7 minutes apart.

For Facebook: minimum of 45 minutes apart.

For LinkedIn: there are no time restrictions placed on LinkedIn profiles. Rather, LinkedIn has a post limit of 25 posts per day. If you post more than 25 posts inside a 24 hour window, LinkedIn will site you for spamming. 

When you may want to have overlapping or duplicate time slots

The power of smqueue is in your hands! If you regularly schedule posts and/or add regular posts to your Main Queue (ie, via RSS) then you may want to avoid overlaps & duplicate time slots. But if you add posts to your Scheduled Queue and Main Queue more sporadically, then you may want to duplicate Recurring Queue time slots with Main Queue time slots. This means that when you are away and not adding new posts to your Main Queue, the Recurring Queue picks up the slack and the level of your activity on social media is maintained.

Also read Best Practices to Avoid Spamming.