There are three (3) important modules for managing your smqueue Scheduled Queue.

1) Connected SM (Social Media) Profile List

Hit on the SM Profile that you'd like to manage. This will load all the scheduled post information for that SM Profile. Your SM Profile Default (what loads on visiting the Dashboard) is the SM Profile at the top of this list. See the topic: How to Change your SM Profile Default (and Re-Order) for more information.


2) Scheduled Queue Posts

This module will list all of your upcoming scheduled posts. As you add new posts, the list will automatically be re-ordered into chronological order so that you can view them in the order they will be going out. You can edit individual posts and delete individual or all posts in your Scheduled Queue.


3) Posting Calendar

This module shows the current day (light blue) and upcoming days. When there are posts ready for upcoming days, the date will show as dark blue. If you do not have anything coming up, the date will be white. Hitting on each date will load a pop-up window which lists ALL upcoming posts from ALL queues. See the topic: Scheduled Queue Posting Calendar for more information on this helpful tool.