You've worked out how to browse all within smqueue, now you'd like to share! Follow these steps...


1. Once you're on the page you'd like to share, hit the button "Capture Page and Share".

2. The page's meta title and link will automatically populate the smqueue share box.

Note: At this stage, links will be displayed in full. When you "add post" the link will be shortened as per your "Link Shortening" settings. 

3. Select one or more social media profiles which you'd like to share to.

4. Check one or more queues in which you'd like to add the post to. You can also "Send Now".

Note: Checking "Scheduled" will load in the date and time options; and checking "Recurring" will load in the expiry date option.

5. If scheduling, set your date and time.

6. Include a full size photo (if so desired) and finalize the process by hitting "ADD POST".

Your new post will be added to the relevant social media profile/s and selected queues!

Continue to browse ALL WITHIN smqueue to add more.