Throttle Limits

LinkedIn API keys are throttled by default. The throttles are designed to ensure maximum performance for all developers and to protect the user experience of all users on LinkedIn.

User throttles: These throttles limit the number of calls for any individual user of your application. User-level throttles serve several purposes, but in general are implemented where there is a significant
potential impact to the user experience for LinkedIn users.

These limits are reset
Daily at midnight UTC.

User's own data

Post Shares     Allows user to share content to their connections on LinkedIn     Per Day: 25

Post Network Updates     Creates a network update appearing to all connections     Per Day: 5

Send Message     Sends a message to up to 10 connections     Per Day: 10

Send Invitation     Invites people to connect     Per Day: 100

Groups data

Get My Groups     List of groups a member belongs to, has requested to join, is an admin for     Per Day: 300

Join Group     Request to join a group     Per Day: 10

Create Post     Create a new post     Per Day: 100

Comment, Like, Follow a Post     Per Day: 300

Company data

Post Company Updates     Post an update to any company page on LinkedIn     Per Day: 20