Convert your file to plain text formatting (.txt) for smqueue

The text of your file need to be in plain text with UTF–8 encoding, which is the most widely used and versatile text format for the web, operating systems, and software applications. However, it is by no means universal.

You will get the best results by converting the text to a text file with UTF–8 encoding using the application that created it (e.g. Microsoft® Word, Adobe® Acrobat, etc).

The “Save As” function in your program will normally provide a “Plain Text (*.txt)” option.

In Microsoft Word, for example, choose the “Plain Text (*.txt)” option and save the file to your computer.

Before completing the save, Word will provide the following dialogue box.

Change the encoding option from “Windows (Default)” to “Other encoding:” and then select “Unicode (UTF–8)” from the list.

If your software program does not have a UTF–8 encoding option, then you can typically open the new .txt file in a text editor and save it with UTF–8 encoding.

Then upload that new .txt file using the bulk upload function in the Single and Recurring Queues.

Due to the many file formatting options that exist today, no file conversion process will be perfect.