Has one of your queues stopped sending out your posts?

It's times like this that you may need to re-authorize one or more of your connected SM (Social Media) Profiles.


1. Go to the "Settings" tab and hit on "Accounts"

2. On the left hand side you'll find all your connected SM (Social Media) Profiles.
Hovering over the action icons will trigger a pop-up title which states what the action is.

To re-authorize your SM Profile, hit the "Re-authorize" icon next to the SM Profile you want to re-authorize. 

3. Follow the social media prompts (different for each social media platform - see below)

TIP: Make sure you are already signed into the social media account that you want to re-authorize. This makes the whole process easier. In the case of a Facebook Page, you need to be signed in and be an Administrator for that page.