The Power of Expiry Date on the Recurring Queue

Why use Expiry Dates in the Recurring Queue?

1. When you have posts that you are adding to the Recurring Queue that have an end date.

2. To keep your Recurring Queue quota under control.

Simply set this date and smqueue will remove it on that date. As easy as Set and Forget!

How does it work? 

Once you set the expiry date, smqueue will automatic delete that post on the date and time you set. 

For more information on how to set expiry times, see the topic: How to Use Expiry Date on the Recurring Queue.

TIP: At any stage you can set an expiry date to a post already in your Recurring Queue. Use the "Edit" action button next to the post. You can also find your expiring posts by using the Recurring Queue Status Filter.

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