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Follow streams, Search Topsy/Reader/Followers, auto reply, tweetreach, Triber, hootlet

What I would love to have added is: be able to follow my streams in smqueue.


An option to search in Topsy & to connect my (google rss) reader content. It would be great to be able to have the reader connected to smqueue so I can manage whatever I'd like to tweet from there


Iftt had something which made it possible to automate a various replies on rt's. You could use a few different replies so it doesn't reply in the same way on every rt & chose how many times you'd like a reply to be send so it doesn't get spammy.


Socialbro has another nice option where u can search followers on the language they tweet in, influence, amount of followers etc. It makes it possible to select a group of interesting new people to follow & list.


What I would also love to see in smqueue is which tweets have been rt-ed most/what my tweetreach is so I can use those again and dump the ones that do not get rted.


I don't use triber but a lot of people do. Maybe Triber could be connected to smqueue as well.


Last idea for today:) Hootsuite has a hootlet button. Using it does not only shorten the url but it also adds the headline to it.

Carly Young

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