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Chrome or Safari extension

I think an Chrome or Safari extension for smqueue would be great!

Lori Mcnee

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Hi Lori!

An extension sounds good.  How would you use it?  What would you want the extension to do that would be helpful to you?  Your answers will guide us in building a truly useful extension.

I'd want it to provide a pop-up from the page I'm on, have it insert the title and URL from that page and offer to let me either insert it into my Single Queue or choose which queue to insert into. (I'm betting the Single would be easier to achieve and probably makes the most sense for someone else's URL such as a blog post or a news article.)

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Thanks Stan for added to this discussion and your input has been taken onboard and will be added.


 This is now in development and will be finish in the near future

development team

Hi Stan

We are happy to advise you that the Chrome and Firefox plug-ins are currently in testing
and will be round out in the next several days.

development team


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Looking forward to this....


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Hi guys what's the update on this?

Hi Stewart,

We are currently finishing the Chrome Plug-in and will be testing soon for release and
then moving onto the Firefox Plug-in follow by the Safari.

We will to be updating this ticket in the next few days

development team


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