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Recurring Queue Timings of posts is wrong.

Hi folks, not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, I am in the UK, my clock settings are set to Europe/London and yet instead of my posts going out between 8am and 9pm like I set them to, they are going out at fairly odd hours of the night (11pm - 6am). They are also going out pretty sporadically in this time making it difficult to tell hoe many hours your system is out by.

I've left several tickets on this issue, it's a major concern and if it cannot be resolved fairly soon I will be forced to pull the plug on both my company and personal subscriptions to the service. I really don't want to have to do this as when working your service is brilliant, but it's been faulty for over 10 days and this is really impacting engagement and traffic for those profiles.

Please help!!

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