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Real-Time Account(s) Summary

Need a Real-Time Account(s) Summary Page wherein either one or ALL of our accounts will show the most current status of our stats (metrics).

Tremendously important to know where all our accounts are at the moment. Not only good for your clients but also for sales and marketing of SMQueue itself.

Page should AUTOMATICALLY refresh preferably in real-time as postings occur or refresh this page every 30 to 60 seconds.

Should NOT have to be manually refreshed.It would actually be a weekly digest in real-time showing each of our accounts and their activity as it happens both postings and its feedback from the social media company.

I would volunteer to help design its layout and options.With all the features that SMQueue offers it would be rather exciting to be able to even use it as a background with Meerkat and Periscope as well as I push SMQueue through the Internet for affiliate marketing.

Thank you Team!

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Thank Bob

Great request and we have place this item into planning and will update
this request once development starts.

If you have any other request please place them in this forum.

development team


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