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Bulk Account Tweet List Upload / Randomize

 i run a business with 15 twitter accounts and we change the tweets daily, i would really like a faster way to bulk upload and / or randomize the list on all accounts

Hi Danny,

Thanks for your suggestion. If you're looking for a way to randomize your posts, check out the recurring queue. Once you add more than 50 posts to the recurring queue it will send out the posts one at a time in a random order, once all have been sent, it will reset and start the process over again. 

yes i have seen that we normally have about 30 tweets daily so we dont come close to the 50 so that does not work for me. im more worried about the bulk upload to the 15 accounts at once. the randomization was just an add on idea as i was typing the post


Hi Danny

Thanks for your feedback and the suggestion to "Bulk Upload" to
multiple profiles in one action is a great suggestion and something
we are more than happy to add to smqueue.

We have start to plan for this suggestion and will update this
post once development starts.

If you have any further suggestion please just ask.

development team


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