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Automatically Retweet Users

I am a former Tweet Adder user. I am looking for the retweet feature Tweet Adder offered. It allowed you to automatically retweet users. Does smqueue offer this feature? If so, I can't seem to find it.


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Hi Sharon

We are happy to advise you that the auto retweet option is now in the planning stages

development team


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This feature in tweet adder did more to build our following then anything else.  I believe it was the law of reciprocity at work.  We retweeted users that had great content and tweeted to our desired fan base.  When the reciprocated and retweeted our tweets...we added followers.

Have to say that this feature would be great for the other platforms too.

FYI- am a new user here and love the fact that I have been able to automate for not only Twitter but Facebook and Linked In as well.

Thank you!

Hi Michael,

Many thanks for the feedback and this feature is on the list at the moment.

In the next several days we will be releasing Plug-ins for Chrome and Firefox then
moving on with the auto time slot generator.

Please feel free to add your feedback to any requests

development team


Due to twitter changes and there crackdown on auto re tweeting options
in apps smqueue has decides not to release this feature

We trust you understand but we need to stay within twitter API rules.

development team


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