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Do you plan some kind of Referral Program?

In my experience, referral programs can boost sales since they are based on the word of mouth. Do you plan anything like this? 

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 We will be looking at a system of rewards over the coming months and will keep you posted.


development team

Hi Dubie

You will be happy to know that a "Affiliate Program" for smqueue is now under development.

This will be release in the coming weeks.

If you have any further request please just ask.


development team

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At the moment I with Hootsuite Affiliate Program and think that this would be a huge advantage for smqueue and I look forward to it happening soon guys


Michael Q Todd

Hi Michael

You will be pleasure to know that the "Affiliate Program" is in advance stages of development
and we look forward to having you as part of it

development team


Hi all

We can now supply anyone who interested in the "Affiliate Program" with
a unique "Affiliate Link" which will start tracking all new members that
sign up via your link.

If you would like a like just email a request to
The rate we are paying is 18% for the first 12 months of all payments
from a new member who has join via your link.

development team


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